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Research Projects

The Laboratory of Biomaterials and Surface Engineering is located in the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana – Graduate Program of Mechanical Engineering, in the Polytechnic School Building (Bl. 9) on the main campus in Curitiba, PR. The work in our lab consists of studies related to biomaterials and surface modification of differente materials used in a varied types of industries (biomedical, dental, aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive), tests to understand mechanical, tribological, corrosion resistance, and the sinergy among those properties, and the study of interactions between biomaterials and the living system. The laboratory posses state-of-the-art facilities in materials characterization, surface analysis, and electrochemical behavior.

- Bioactive and bactericidal PEO on Ti films deposited onto stainless steel (B. L. Pereira)

- Nanostructured surface on stainless steels with antimicrobial properties obtained by CPEO (T. D. Toscano)

- Improving bioactive properties of PEO coatings on titanium alloys with the addition of bioglass particles (J. Santos Jr)

- Characterization of the mechanical and tribocorrosive properties of AZ31 Mg alloy modified by PEO (G. Caetano)

- Mechanical and tribological properties of PEO coatings on aluminum alloys (B.Pereira, T. Toscano, G. Caetano)

- Bactericidal and bioactive hybrid coatings on Ti implants (L. Benbem, F. Carone)

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dental materials.jpg

- Characterization of the mechanical, tribological and corrosive properties of thin films deposited on martensitic steel used as surgical tools (S. Blunk)

- Properties of decorative thin films deposited on polymers and Mg alloys by magnetron sputtering (T. Gontarski)

Bioactive and bactericidal TiO2 nanotubes

- Mechanical properties of TiO­2 nanotubes produced by fast route (B. Nepomoceno)

Bacterial cellulose for biomedical applications

- Synthesis of polymer-bioglass hydrogel composite for chronic wound healing applications (J. Maia, K. Reichardt)

Properties of dental composite resins

- Mechanical and optical properties of composite resins in the bleach scale (V. Torno, L. Almeida)

- Mechanical and tribological properties of resin-based composites with new monomers (V. Torno)

- Development of a new polishing system based on chimio-mechanical process (V. Bruinje)

Additive manufacturing

- Mechanical properties of fracture plates produce by 3D printing (G. Rocha)

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